Terms of Business & Disclosure

P & C Insurance Brokers terms of business and important disclosure information document outlines the duties that apply to each party when we work as your broker. Key information from this document is summarised on this page but you can download the full document here:
P & C Insurance Brokers Terms of Business and Important Disclosure Information

We encourage you to read through this information as it sets out what you can expect from us and what you agree to when we work for you. By taking on our services, you acknowledge you accept these terms of business. This means you do not need to sign any formal agreement to indicate your acceptance, unless we ask you to.

Important Information

Licencing Information

Property & Commercial Insurance Brokers are Registered on the New Zealand Companies Office Financial Service Providers Register. The Financial Markets Authority has granted Property & Commercial Insurance Brokers a Full Class 2 Financial Advice Provider Licence with effect from 15 September 2022. The Financial Advice Provider Licence is subject to conditions contained in the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.

Nature and scope of our advice and services to you

We act as Financial Advisors, providing fire and general insurance advice, and risk management-related advice and services to our clients.

Advice Costs

We receive brokerage from insurers in accordance with normal market practice on any insurance we arrange for you. As a general rule, the brokerage we receive is a percentage of the insurers’ base and earthquake premium, but not fire services levies, GST or any other Government charges, taxes or levies. The brokerage ranges from 10% to 25%.

We may charge you a broker administration fee to enable us to deliver and maintain a high level of service. We will provide details of these commissions and administration fees when we make recommendations to you.

Conflicts of Interest

We make every attempt not to have a situation where there is a conflict of interest. Should a situation arise where a conflict of interest would be perceived we declare it as soon as it is practical to do so.

Whatever the circumstances, we will act in your best interests, and, if a conflict of interest arises for which there is no practicable solution, we will withdraw unless you wish us to continue to act for you and provide us with your written consent to that effect.

Complaints Handling and Dispute resolution

We are committed to providing the highest quality service to our clients. However, from time to time a client may express dissatisfaction with the experience they have received.

Details in regards to our complaints process and dispute resolution process can be found here.


We are members of the Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand Inc. (IBANZ). We subscribe to the IBANZ Code of Professional Conduct.

As a Licenced Financial Advice Provider, we also meet the standards of knowledge and skill set out in the Financial Advice Code maintained by the Code Committee, Aotearoa New Zealand’s independent setter for financial advice.